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EW Producton Unit:
Purific solution has highly effective protective properties against an array of pathogens. The
solution undergoes electrolysis in special electro-chemical cells in which the pH of the water
is manipulated to be in a well-defined range. The actve material is hypochlorous acid (HOCl)
in a concentration range of 50-200 PPM and a pH range between 4.5 and 6.5.
The system has the capability to choose the pH and actve material concentra5on.
To produce Purific’s Electrolyzed Water, a production unit will need a water source connec-
tion and an Ionized Electrolyte solu5on producton unit. 1 Gallon of Ionized Electrolyte solu-
tion will produce 250G (200PPM) or 1000G (50PPM) of Purific’s 1 Electrolyzed Water.

Sanitary Tunnels

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Sanitary Tunnels:
Turn any commercial space into a safe space with our fully customizable full-body line
of disinfection tunnels.
Our innovative system easily sanitizes both people and their items. Once inside the
tunnel, the spray nozzles automatically open for seconds and sanitize every facet of
those passing through, including areas not directly exposed to the nozzle.
Our line of tunnels are designed to fit any use and any traffic capacity.
The Tunnels are equipped with traffic lights and sensors that recognize people are
passing through the system and with no need for an operator automatically start
spraying the disinfectant.
On average the tunnel uses 6ml of EW solution per person (an average of 600 people
per a Gallon of solution).

Extra-long layout with build in opera’on units.
Designed for outdoor use.
Array of up to 20 mist nozzles.
Sani’za’on process – con’nuous.
Output of 3600 persons per hour.
Op’onally can operate with automa’c Purefic
produc’on unit.


Our economical Full-body disinfection tunnels.  Fully transparent design with external operation unit, designed for indoor use.


Full-body disinfection tunnels .  Small layout with build in operation unit

Designed for indoor use.


Full-body disinfection tunnels. Medium layout with build in operation unit for Indoor/Outdoor use. Industrial standard built. can be operated with EW production unit.


Full-body disinfection tunnels. Extra-long layout with build in operation units. This unit was made for  high traffic locations and can be used Indoor/Outdoor . Industrial standard built. Can be operated with EW production unit.

Portable Tunnel

Small portable tunnel with build in operation unit. Designed to be transported from gate to gate manually by hands.

Luggage Sanitizer

Tunnel for full  luggage  sanitation. Designed to maximize the coverage of sanitizing solutions on all surfaces of the baggage.

Carry-on Sanitizer

Small tunnel to be installed in-line of carry-on luggage security check to sanitize trays with personal belongings.

HOCL Production Unit

HOCL patented production unit from Low to high volume production capacity. Can choose pH Level and active material concentration with regular tap water. The production unit is fully automated and requires minimum maintenance

Indoor sanitzaton statons

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Advanced Unit
Designed to disinfect and tackle areas with plug & play saniyization towers.
Easy to use control panel allows to adjustable tme and frequency of operatiyion
and Preset Sanitaton programs. Optons Include:
• Remote control via Wi-Fi connection allowing scheduled operation and
monitoring of soluton low levels.
• Uses Purific’s filled Capsules with Purific’s patented solution.
• Allows for variable automated spray sevngs.
• On average, 5-10 min to cover an area.
• Slick design for integration into any space.

▪ Designed for large spaces
▪ Capsule size, capacity: 5 Gallon
▪ Voltage: 110V/ 60Hz
▪ Power:110W
▪ Purify usage: up to 1500 ml/h
▪ Color: White
▪ LED display
▪ Mo5on Sensor
▪ Different opera5onal program sevngs
▪ Dimensions: 17.5X17.5X90 Inch

Indoor sanitzaton statons: Basic Unit

− Designed to disinfect and tackle areas with plug & play sanitzaton statons.
− Easy to use mechanical control panel allows adjustable outlow intensity of
− Use ready in advance, with the Purific EW solu5on filled manually at a defined
frequency or by level demand.
− Variable spray sevngs.
− On average it takes 10-30 min to cover a room.

▪ Designed for large rooms of up to 750-1000 SQF
▪ Top filling solu5on, capacity: 3.3 Gallon
▪ Voltage: 110V 60Hz
▪ Power: 100W
▪ Purify usage: up to 1200 ml/h
▪ Color: White
▪ Dimensions: 10X10X39 Inch

Purific Petit unit

Disinfect and tackle specific areas with our patent-pending non toxic spray solution. Designed for targeting and purifying small spaces. Can be mounted to the wall in an elevator or stand on a table.