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Why hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is the ultimate disinfectant?

Hypochlorous acid  (HOCL) is a natural substance our body produces as a first line defence against pathogens. It is extremely safe, bio- degradable and non-corrosive. It is non flammable and chemical free. 

This material was proven, by us, to be effective not just against the Corona virus but also against harmful pathogens including E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus  Klebsiella pneumoniae, Corona and more.  Other commercial disinfectants are by far more irritants, corrosive and much less effective given the same active material concentration


What is our uniqueness?

In terms of disinfectant production, If we are talking on producing the material on site, the disinfectant production is a membranelles process (requires low maintenance) and a production

of a caustic by product, thing that may require additional care in terms of regulation, is avoided. If the material is produced, not by demand, keeping the active material stable along time is challenging. Keeping the material stable often pushes the solution components to be not its optimal pH working range, which, in turn, requires working with higher free chlorine content to reach good anti-bacterial efficacy and considerable part of the material is in a “bleach” form. Sometimes, buffer additives and high table salt are added to disinfectant solution, in order to reach stabilization, which makes the solution corrosive to a plenty types of surfaces. Our team think in different manner of how to keep solution stable over one year and optimally active

without the addition of extra salt, additives and still maintaining working at the ideal  working pH range. Moreover, our team , keep validating that the produced solution is effective on a routinely basis. Our experts team consists of engineers, chemists, electrochemist and microbiologists always keep thinking how to improve our product and ready for any challenge . The combination between team of experts from the engineering world, with dozens years of experience, providing optimal and cleaver design of sanitizing instruments, working together with team of experts makes the perfect team for you for creating better and healthier environment.

How the material is produced?

We produce our disinfectant on-site using a membrane-less process that requires low maintenance and avoids the creation of a caustic byproduct. 

We keep the material stable over one year, which ensures that the product is optimally active within the ideal pH range without the addition of extra salt. Most of our competitors keep the material stable by using anti-bacterial efficacy to create a “bleach” form through higher chlorine content. Our competitors also often add high table salt and other buffers to the disinfectant solution to bring the product to stabilization, making their solution corrosive on many surfaces. 

Are all HOCL products the same?

No — other manufacturers use hypochlorite (bleach), buffers, or additives in their production processes, which can result in an impure HOCl product containing bleach or other contaminates.

What is the purpose of sanitary devices and how effective are they?

The main purpose of  Purific devices is to lower the chances of cross condemnation spread of harmful pathogens, in closed spaces, like classrooms, hospital and operation rooms, restaurants, shops, office space, meeting rooms,   home and others locations, by lowering the chances of a person to get infected from another person by droplet infection. The combination of optimal device design, with full sanitation coverage, even at area that are not directly exposed to device nozzles  promises the ultimate tool for lowering chances of  spreading  the viruses.

What is the purpose of sanitary tunnels and how effective is our sanitary tunnels?

The main purpose of the sanitary tunnels is to lower the chances of community spread of harmful pathogens, in crowded places, like entrances to airports, hotels, shopping centers  , office buildings etc.. and to lower the chances of a person to get infected from another person by droplet infection. The combination of optimal tunnel design, with 360 sanitation coverage, even at area that are not directly exposed to tunnel’s nozzles  and optimal wisely prepared disinfectant solution, promises the ultimate tool for lowering chances of community spread of viruses. 

How effective is our tunnel?

A simple calculation: Human average surface area of adult is about 2 m2. For 3 seconds of exposure, If we assume that half of the active material is left non reacted, then we divide the

neutralized viruses capability by 40000 cm2 to have around 42,000 virus neutralization units per cm2 per second. In 3 seconds we have around 126,000 virus neutralization units per cm2

per second, which is more than enough to disinfect our cloths and the exposed parts of our body.

Do people get a spray that would make their clothes wet or is it just a gentle mist that will easily dry quickly?

It is a gentle mist that dries easily. The feeling is refreshing like walking through “non-condensed cloud”. We are also controlling the droplet size. Although, there is no evidence for adverse effect of breathing our disinfectant material, we control the droplet size, in a way, it will not reach the respiratory system.

Does this only work for people or could it sanitize objects and equipment that are pushed or carried through it?

The tunnel and devices are designed in a way that full coverage is obtained for all items and people who enter. Since the disinfectant material is non corrosive, equipment can be sanitized as well.

Do you think this could get us back to some idea of a normal way of life for work, shopping or leisure activities?

This is certainly one of the purposes of our sanitary devices. The tunnels and devices are located in crowded places, where the chances for virus spreading are much higher, and installation of sanitary devices can promote healthy opening of shopping centers, theaters, etc.

How long does someone need to be in the tunnel for it to properly sanitize them?

Exposure of 3 seconds is enough for full coverage and sufficient active material to eliminate viruses existing on infected surface. 

Keep in mind that the disinfectant material stays on a

person for a while and since the disinfectant material is bio-degradable it eventually decomposes into water.

What makes us different then our competitors:

  1. When the material is produced on site, there is no caustic byproduct.
  2. The production unit is fully automated and requires minimum maintenance.
  3. Our team is comprised of engineers, electrochemist and microbiologists to cover all aspects.
  4. Our technology keeps the material stable even after it is produced.  Two year expiration from date of manufacture.
  5. We can tailor the product in accordance to the desired application considering all the parameters.
  6. We produce the material with its optimal composition.
  7. Salinity is very low and so is the corrosion potential of the solution